“You look a bit bored, I’d like you to get involved in changing the way we prosecute cases of domestic violence”

It was this statement, made by Funmi Johnson’s manager, 18 years ago, that began her involvement in the domestic violence field.  Funmi specialises in developing and delivering domestic violence training.  She developed her experience firstly as a public prosecutor, then as a policy maker. Funmi’s specialist knowledge and depth of understanding have led to her being recognised as an expert in the field.  Funmi’s approach to training transforms individual understanding and produces cultural change within organisations.

Funmi is an experienced barrister with 23 years’ post qualification experience. She regularly prosecuted in the magistrates’ court, before moving into policy development in 2003 and has delivered training extensively in both the public and private sector.  Funmi was responsible for developing and delivering the first national training programme for the Crown Prosecution Service.  Over 4500 prosecution staff were trained using her learning materials, over a 3 year period.  Funmi oversaw and project managed the training, ensuring that it was of the requisite standard and completed on schedule. At the conclusion of the training cycle, Funmi conducted an in depth evaluation of the programme, to ensure that the aims and objectives had been met.  Funmi pioneered a partnership approach to the training, which saw non government organisations (NGOs) and police actively involved in the development of the programme from the beginning. 

As a result of her partnership approach, Funmi worked extensively with specialist domestic violence, NGOs.  She wrote and delivered the original criminal law module which was used to train specialist NGO staff at a national domestic violence charity.  Funmi also regularly facilitated a criminal law workshop at the annual conferences of 2 national domestic violence charities.  Due to Funmi’s unique perspective of being both a prosecutor and a policy maker, she also trained prosecutors, judges, police and NGO staff internationally as well as in the UK.  Funmi’s expertise has led to her being in demand as a conference speaker and facilitator in the domestic violence field.  She has been the UK delegate at the Council of Europe on a number of occasions.  Funmi also represented the UK at a UN meeting of experts, developing a framework for tackling violence against women.

Funmi’s training expertise has seen her travel extensively.  She has trained prosecutors, police, judges and NGO staff in Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moscow, Romania and Cyprus.  Funmi has a real passion for facilitating change through training and draws extensively on her experience as a working prosecutor. Funmi has been interviewed on the UK radio, television and in a UK newspaper.  She is committed to making a difference and writes a regular blog that includes issues of domestic violence. A recent testimonial describes Funmi’s understanding of issues from the perspective of those facing violence as outstanding. Funmi holds a BSC in Geography and Planning, a CPE in Law, an MSc in Managing Equality and Diversity, a certificate in coaching and is also a qualified Prince 2 project manager.